Match Day 2017 Music Video ~ The Greatest

Friday, March 24, 2017

Since the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix’s first Match Day seven years ago, it has been a tradition for the campus community to create a unique and memorable celebration for fourth-year students to remember. This year was no different.

First- and second-year medical students (Sophie Loeb, Laura Hamant, Mia Wright, Tanner Heckle, Ashley Assadi, Kim Tay and Savanah McMahon) worked together with Daniel Drane from Student Affairs and Media Production Manager Adolpho Navarro to create a unique music video to commemorate the Class of 2017. As students and their loved ones waited to open their envelopes, the video played on a huge screen, leading into a countdown toward the big moment.

Second-year student Savanah McMahon performed the song.