Per the College of Medicine – Phoenix Supplemental Survey policy, any faculty or student-driven surveys, evaluations, or other mechanisms seeking student input, in addition to what students are currently asked to provide as part of the standard course* and session evaluations are to be submitted for review to the Institutional Research Board (IRB), Educational Policy Committee (EPC) and the Assessment and Evaluation Subcommittee (AES) at least four weeks prior to being disseminated to students.  This process does not include the additional course* evaluation items appended to the end of the course* evaluations or administrative data collection.

This process is illustrated by the Supplemental Survey Request Workflow (PDF).

Student-driven surveys used for supporting Scholarly Project goals are assumed to support the college mission and proceed to AES for approval. Non-specially timed surveys will also be considered for biannual grouping together for maximizing response rate when applicable. Specially timed student-driven surveys will be given individual consideration.

The AES may recommend alternate timeframes to prevent conflicts with other research or mandatory practices currently underway. Both the EPC and AES have the right to decline permission to launch any survey that:

  • Violates privacy or confidentiality rules
  • Overtaxes college resources
  • Is counter-intuitive to stated COM-P policies
  • Is burdensome to the surveyed population
  • Duplicates another existing survey

To submit a supplemental survey request, please complete the form below.

Note: Files limited to .pdf .doc, docx format. Size limit is 2MB.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.