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The Doctoring course is offered during the preclerkship or first two years of medical school curriculum. Working within the medical school’s integrated organ-systems based curriculum, this course provides students the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe environment and receive immediate verbal feedback from both faculty and standardized patients. The two-year Doctoring curriculum shares the same block themes and therefore more fully inculcates the organ/system of study. Class meets about once every two weeks throughout the first and second year, alternating with Community Clinical Experience (CCE).  

Each session is divided into modules which typically include an orientation, classroom demonstration and physical exam practice with faculty prior to the Standardized Patient (SP) encounter. Following the patient encounter a patient note is written and then students present their patient orally to faculty. Other modules pertinent to the case presented are part of each session.

Course Objectives:

  • Student will be proficient in history taking using Patient-Centered Interviewing techniques (including emotion seeking and emotion validation tools)
  • Physical examination will be efficient, technically correct, and problem focused. Documentation skills will be developed to promote concise, precise, valid entries into the medical record.
  • Critical thinking skills will be formed to enable the student to develop both broad and then focused differentials based on the standardized patient (SP) presentations