Tenure may only be held at the rank of associate or full professor. Therefore, tenure-eligible assistant professor faculty who are being considered for the award of tenure are concomitantly reviewed for promotion to the rank of associate professor. Prior to the end of the sixth year in rank for tenure-eligible assistant professors or associate professors, and third year of appointment for full professors, or a subsequent year if a time clock delay has been granted, faculty will be reviewed for promotion and tenure according to the process in UHAP 3.3.02.

Changes to the Tenure Clock - The University provides faculty opportunities to request delays to the tenure clock for birth/adoption, personal reasons, administrative responsibilities, or adverse professional circumstances (Section IV. Appendix 3. UHAP, 3.3.01). In addition, tenure-eligible associate professors who may have prior university service as a tenure-eligible associate professor, may request that credit for prior service be applied to shorten the tenure clock at the time of initial appointment.

The COM-P does not typically appoint faculty with tenure unless they hold the position of Department Chair, Director or higher. Recommendations for the granting of tenure at COM-P are evaluated by sequential reviews and recommendations by the Department AP&T Committee, Department Chair, College AP&T Committee, Dean, the University Standing Advisory Committee on Faculty Status, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, and the Provost.