All faculty must complete the New Faculty Title Orientation. Once faculty titles have been reviewed by the department and the approved by the college, faculty will be notified via email to complete the orientation.

The orientation includes six core modules and provides new faculty with information on the following areas:

  1. Overview of Educational Program Objectives for College of Medicine – Phoenix.
  2. Professionalism Competencies, Policies, and Procedures.
  3. Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback to Learners.
  4. Student Exposure to Blood/Body Fluids Procedures and Policies.
  5. Non-research Related Conflicts of Interest Policies.
  6. Overview of Faculty Title Courtesies, Resources and Privileges.

Annual Schedule

A faculty orientation will be offered each spring and fall and it is designed to provide faculty new to the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix an overview of resources, research, education and faculty development information available on campus.

Orientation includes information on:

  • Appointments.
  • Promotion and Tenure process.
  • Reviews.
  • Other Appointment Guidelines.
  • Other Processes of Importance to faculty members.

In addition, the orientation allows for an opportunity to meet and interact with college leaders, other new faculty members and administrators.