Criteria for Track and Rank

Non-Salaried Faculty Promotion

The following information is required to apply for faculty title promotion of non-tenure track affiliate or associate volunteer faculty members.

Please submit the following promotion packet as one PDF to:

  1. Current Curriculum Vita (Required Format [PDF]).
  2. Candidate’s Personal Statement:  A statement of accomplishment and objectives on research, teaching and service/outreach (2-5 pages maximum). 
  3. Your personal statement should specifically address your current and past engagement with the educational, service and/or research mission of the college.

a. Include an estimate of total teaching hours for UA College of Medicine – Phoenix per year (for past 2-3 years).

  1. Letters of Recommendation: Three (3) letters of recommendation from peers who hold the same or higher faculty title than the rank you are requesting for promotion are required. Please provide our office with 3-4 names and email addresses of faculty preferably in your field/specialty, who may serve to review your dossier and submit a letter of recommendation. The names provided need to be from independent, outside evaluators who have not collaborated with youThe Office of Faculty Affairs and Development will contact each of these individuals for their letters of recommendation on your behalf. We will provide your statement and CV for their review in order to provide their recommendation. Please do not contact them. Additional letters of support from colleagues at the University or affiliated hospitals may be included; however, they are not required.
  2. Workload Distribution form (form in Dossier template) — signed by you and the Department Chair.
  3. Teaching portfolio: Candidates are responsible for providing information and supporting documentation on their teaching and advising that cover the last 2-3 years. You may include course syllabi, assignments, and other supporting documentation. If teaching evaluations are not available, please submit a letter from your program or clerkship director.

If you have any questions or concerns about the promotion process please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 602-827-2078. 


Tenure-eligible assistant or associate professors have a 6-year "clock" with a mandatory review for promotion and tenure during the sixth year. Tenure-eligible faculty who are initially appointed at the full professor level have a 3-year clock with mandatory review during the third year.

Non-tenure eligible faculty should demonstrate meeting the established criteria for promotion within their track and should have 6 years in current rank to be considered for promotion.  Time in rank from another academic institution will be taken into consideration.