The College of Medicine – Phoenix launched a Leadership Development Program as part of its ongoing work in professional development for selected faculty and senior administration. Beth Schermer, JD, and Rosemarie Christofolo, JD, serve as faculty for the program, working closely with Jennifer Allie, PhD, associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Development.

The leadership program represents a significant investment in the College of Medicine – Phoenix leadership and our desire to continue to grow a strong leadership community. Twelve faculty members: Jennifer Allie, PhD, Erin Nelson, PsyD, Cheryl O’Malley, MD, Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD, Christine Savi, PhD, Karen Restifo, MD, JDKatie Brite, MD, Matthew McEchron, PhD, Paul Standley, PhD, Rayna Gonzales, PhD (not pictured), Maria Manriquez, MD (not pictured) and Tara Cunningham, EdD (not pictured) completed the six-month program in May of 2015. Participants engaged in sessions focusing on leadership skills and the development of effective working groups, professionalism, communications skills and leading through change. Reviews of the program were overwhelmingly positive this first year.

  • “Knowing my, and others [leadership], styles, needs and motives and how to respond to them was life changing.”
  • “You cannot just assume that because we have leadership positions that we are leaders. This course was a booster shot for those that have studied leadership/communication theory and an introduction to the work for the novice leader.”
  • “…learning about personalities and process communication has been so helpful. I have used this consistently in all aspects of my professional life (and in my personal communication as well) …It has taught me to process first, take some time, think it through before responding.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Leadership Development Program, please contact Dr. Jennifer Allie at 602-827-2526 or email.