Getting Started:

For Potential Mentees
  • If you would like to be enter into a mentoring relationship, please complete the mentee profile form.
  • After completion of the mentee profile form:
    • Someone from the Faculty Mentoring Program will contact you to assist with the next steps.
    • If you have not identified a mentor, the Faculty Development Committee may be able to help by suggesting a mentor for you.
  • Or...
    • If you have already identified a faculty member who is willing to serve as your mentor, please send us an email with the names of the mentor and mentee. At your first meeting, please complete the mentor-mentee agreement form, which is found in the mentoring toolkit (PDF), and email it. You may also bring it to Jonathan Snyder, program coordinator in the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development.
For Potential Mentors
  • If you would like to be added to the Faculty Mentor database please complete the mentor profile form.
  • If you have been identified as a potential mentor by a faculty member, please work with your mentee to complete the mentor/mentee partnering agreement, which is found in the mentoring toolkit (PDF), and email it. You may also bring it to Jonathan Snyder, program coordinator in the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development.

Once a Mentee-Mentor Pairing Has Been Established:

  • Please review and familiarize yourselves with the forms in the mentoring toolkit (PDF) that may be useful to you as you begin meeting together.
  • It is essential that either before or at the time of your first meeting you complete the Mentor/Mentee Partnering Agreement in its entirety. A copy of this form needs to be sent to the LIFT – Phoenix Program.
  • The other forms in the toolkit are to aid in your mentoring meetings.
    • It is suggested that the Individual Learning Plan (IDP) be completed by the mentee and provided to the mentor.
    • The Mentoring Meeting Journal can be used to facilitate discussion and progress toward identified goals.
  • At the end of your mutually agreed upon initial time frame for mentoring, please complete the mentor and mentee assessment forms and return them to the LIFT – Phoenix Program.

Of course, you can continue the mentoring relationship as long as desired and continue to update the program with assessments on a periodic basis!

Finally, please consider participating in one of the scheduled sessions throughout the year where there will be opportunities for networking and sharing of resources. We will periodically email you information on these sessions. Please send us any suggestions for topics that would be helpful for you in your mentoring journey.

For more information, contact us at, 602-827-2032