The opportunity to gain insight and helpful skills in teaching and learning from experienced colleagues is available through the College of Medicine – Phoenix Peer-Observation of Teaching program. This option is available to any faculty who currently teach any block, course, or themed content in efforts to provide formative feedback to faculty by two peer-reviewers: one evaluator chosen by the faculty member and one assigned evaluator (e.g., block/course director). The criteria for observation mirrors the evaluation items currently used by medical students to evaluate faculty.

The program is entirely optional, and results are discussed with the faculty, who may choose to use the results in their promotion proceedings or simply retain them for progressive feedback. Faculty being considered for promotion are encouraged to submit their request for a peer-observation of teaching prior to July 1, so that the evaluation may be added, if requested, to their promotion dossier. The results will be also be de-identified and provided in aggregate to the Faculty Development Committee on an annual basis for offering future faculty development sessions.

The process by which faculty can be provided with feedback from their peers is described below:

Initiate Request for Peer-Review:

  1. Complete a peer-observation of teaching review request online prior to July 1 if you plan to use this for your promotion dossier.
    1. Identify one peer-evaluator to observe your teaching.
    2. Another peer evaluator (e.g., block/course director) will be assigned to also observe.
  2. A pre-observation meeting will be held with the faculty member and the two evaluators with the Director of Evaluation and Assessment to discuss the goals of the observation, review the criteria and establish a timeline for participation.
  3. Two observations will occur with the identified evaluators within the scheduled block or course for that year.

Feedback Process:

  1. Both evaluators will complete the review form and submit their feedback of the evaluatee online through the eValue* system.
  2. The instructor is also encouraged to complete a self-reflection evaluation as part of this review process.
  3. Once all documents have been submitted, the Director of Assessment and Evaluation will notify the block director that peer-review of teaching has been completed. A face-to-face meeting will be scheduled with the faculty member to review peer-feedback and discuss observations. The block/course director and the faculty member will then identify a development plan.

All peer evaluations of faculty will be stored in the eValue* system and will be accessible to faculty at any time.


  1. Request for Peer-observation of Teaching form (online)
  2. Request to serve as a potential peer-evaluator of teaching. (Note: all potential evaluators will be vetted by the Peer Review subcommittee before being added to the roster of potential evaluators).


  1. Information and training for the faculty members requesting feedback.
  2. Information and resources for peer-evaluators

Contact Information:

Office of Faculty Affairs and Development