Biorepositories are crucial to conducting high-quality research requiring human tissue. Several of institutions provide human tissue samples to researchers at the College of Medicine – Phoenix. We provide general information and steps to acquire samples here.

IRB Approval – Since most repositories de-identify their samples, you should determine if you can use de-identified samples. You need to obtain IRB approval for samples with attached protected health information (PHI).

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) – This form is mandatory to transfer most samples from a biorepository. Before filling out the MTA for an external organization, complete the MTA Questionnaire (PDF) and submit it to This form alerts the University to help you complete the MTA.

Please include the funding source or account number in the MTA questionnaire to avoid delays.

Steps to Access Biorepositories

  1. Contact Biorepository as noted below and ensure sample is available. Those interested in publishing may wish to clarify the details at this time. Questions regarding cost should be addressed at this time as well.
  2. Complete UA MTA Questionnaire (PDF) and send to; include your funding source.
  3. Fill out external MTA sections for current project description, but leave administrative portions blank. When you send the email, cc any individuals from the external organization’s side that are involved with the MTA.
  4. Complete other paperwork required by the biorepository while waiting for the MTA to finish.
  5. Once the MTA and other documents are completed, you can begin obtaining your samples via shipping or pick-up depending on the biorepository. Keep the contract termination date on your calendar, and set reminders in case you decide to renew.
St. Joseph's University of Arizona Cancer Center

Human Specimen Procurement Services (PDF)
Material Transfer Agreement (PDF)
Sample Request Form (PDF)

Biorepository Use Agreement (PDF)
External Sample Request Form (PDF)
Data Use Agreement (PDF)
Application Information (PDF)
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Instructions (PDF)
Materials Transfer Agreement (PDF)

Instructions (PDF)
Guidelines (PDF)
Feasibility Request (PDF)
Biobank Data and Sample Request Form (PDF)

Science Care
Instructions (PDF)
Why Science Care? (PDF)
Client Agreement (PDF)
Tissue Request Form (PDF)