Creating a Care Plan

Friday, March 31, 2023 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM

There's a saying that life comes at you fast. Disease and death, just to name a few. When that happens will you be able to advocate for your medical care? Or how to handle your finances? Would you know how to advocate for a loved one? That's why everyone needs a care plan, a document that specifies the needs and wishes of you or your loved one — financial, medical and legal.

This workshop outlines a care plan, what it should contain and who it is for. Spoiler alert: it's for everyone. A care plan ensures that even when you don't have your voice, you can still have a say in what happens to you. 

  • This series’ first presentation is live and provides an introductory review of ideas, approaches and resources for caregiving conversations.   
  • The second on-demand presentation organizes options relating to directives that pertain to medical wishes.  
  • The third on-demand presentation offers information on legal and financial considerations.   

For guidance with our own unique caregiving experiences, each presentation will be accompanied by resources and worksheets.    

For questions, please email