Tech Talk Tuesdays

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM

Ultra-Sensitive and Selective Detection of DNA and Protein Biomarkers Using Frequency-Locked Microtoroid Optical Resonators

We use frequency-locked microtoroid optical resonators to detect protein and DNA biomarkers at attomolar to femtomolar concentrations depending on the target. We validate these results against existing sensing technologies. In addition, we present new designs to further improve our sensing platform, including alternative light coupling strategies based on plasmonic nanoparticles for increased portability and new hybrid-microcavity designs for enhanced sensitivity. We anticipate that these designs will enable ultra-sensitive, rapid, selective, and portable diagnostics. In addition, we believe that our results demonstrating detection in real patient samples constitute a significant step forward in the optical whispering gallery mode biosensing field.


  • Judith Su, PhD, assistant professor, Biomedical Engineering and Optical Sciences, assistant research scientist, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and assistant professor, BIO5 Institute.

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