Pillar III: Elevating Clinical Care

Work with clinical affiliates to recruit, support and develop high-quality, diverse faculty committed to best-in-class clinical care.

  • C1a. Recruit National Leaders:
    • Increase recruitment of faculty thought leaders and nationally known clinical leaders.
      • Lead: Guy Reed, MD, MS.
  • C1b. Develop Academic Opportunities:
    • Develop academic opportunities and support for Banner University Medical Group faculty physicians practicing at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.
      • Lead: Kenneth Knox, MD.

Identify, plan and develop clinical programs of distinction to meet the health care needs of clinical partners.

  • Lead: Guy Reed, MD, MS.

Develop and implement a plan to align hospital and academic cultures through increased faculty interaction, joint planning of educational and clinical research activities that promote an academic environment within a productive health system at Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix and other Banner sites.

  • Lead: Steve Lieberman, MD.