1. For the most part, the rooms available to non-UA College of Medicine – Phoenix customers on the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix campus are available for food events.
  2. CATERED event is one at which the vendor provides full food and/or beverage service, including preparation, delivery, set-up and removal of food and serve-ware.
  3. DROP & GO event is one at which there is no set-up/removal of food and serve-ware, and an employee of the organization is not on-site for the duration of the meal (e.g. boxed lunches, sandwiches, pizza, fast food, etc.).
  4. If the cost of the food/beverage will exceed $750, you MUST use a vendor on the list of approved caterers.
  5. If the cost of the food/beverage will not exceed $750, you may, but are NOT required to, use a vendor from the list of approved caterers; use of any drop & go vendor is permitted.
  6. Responsibility for food delivery, setup  and clean up is with the hosting organization.
  7. Parking arrangements for caterers providing full-service must be made with UA Parking and Transportation. Event Services staff will assist with this process for external groups.


  1. A UA-approved caterer MUST be utilized if alcohol will be served as well as a UA-approved bartender.
  2. An Alcohol Permit Application (PDF) must be completed and submitted at least 10 business days prior to an event.  Groups should plan accordingly and allow as much time as possible for the approval process.
  3. Alcohol Permit Fee:
    1. A $15 check for the alcohol permit payable to the University of Arizona must accompany the permit application.
    2. For UA College of Medicine – Phoenix groups, Events Services should be contacted with a request to assist with the permit fee process. Groups are responsible for ensuring that UA Foundation funds are available for alcohol/bartending expenses.