Dr. Marlowe

The Molecular Discovery Core is a distributed core that is intended to provide the Phoenix Biomedical Campus research community with several instruments geared toward the analysis of biomolecules.

This core supports a wide variety of research activities that depend on the detection and analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, compounds, bioactive molecules, and biomolecular interactions.


  • Pioneer FE SPR SystemConsultation on SPR or other bioassay design.
  • Consultation on protein purification.
  • Assay development and optimization.
  • Protein immobilization optimization.
  • Buffer and pH screening.
  • Binding and kinetic characterization.
  • Small molecule and/or fragment screening.
  • Biomolecular interaction screening.
  • Kinetic data analysis (KD, Ka, Kd, etc.).
  • Aggregation studies.
  • Grant writing and preliminary data.