Dr. Evan Garofalo, PhD head shot

Contact Info

AZ Biomedical Collaborative 1
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine Phx Basic Medical Sciences


  • Post-Doctoral: Anatomy, University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, 2015-2018.
  • PhD: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2013.


  • Mackenzie CF, Garofalo EM, Puche A, Chen H, Pugh K, Shackelford S, Tisherman S, Henry S, Bowyer MW. 2017. Performance of vascular exposure and fasciotomy among surgical residents before and after training compared with experts. JAMA Surgery 152(6):581–588 DOI: 10.1001/jamasurg.2017.0092.
  • Ruff CB, Holt BM, Niskanen M, Sladek V, Berner M, Garofalo EM, Garvin HM, Hora M, Junno JA, Schuplerova E, Vilkama R, Whittey E. 2015. Gradual decline in mobility with the adoption of food production in Europe. PNAS 112 (23) 7147-7152.
  • Shackelford S, Garofalo E, Shalin V, Pugh K, Chen H, Pasley J, Sarani B, Henry S, Bowyer M, Mackenzie CF. 2015. Development and validation of trauma surgical skills metrics: Preliminary assessment of performance after training. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 79:105–110.
  • Larsen CS, Hillson SW, Boz B, Pilloud MA, Sadvari JW, Agarwal SC, Glencross B, Beauchesne P, Pearson J, Ruff CB, Garofalo EM, Hager LD, Haddow SD, Knüsel CJ. 2015. Bioarchaeology of Neolithic Çatalhöyük: lives and lifestyles of an early farming society in transition. Journal of World Prehistory 28:27-68.
  • Ruff CB, Garofalo EM, Holmes, MA. 2013. Interpreting skeletal growth in the past from a functional and physiological perspective. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 150:29-37.
Research Interests

Human skeletal anatomy, ontogeny, functional morphology

Research Summary

Dr. Garofalo’s scholarly interests and activities are allied in anatomical inquiry and growth and development with a current focus on health and the impact of the growth process on human postcranial ontogenetic variation and bone function. She addresses this with several archaeological populations from Europe and North America and with the Çatalhöyük Research Project in Turkey. Dr. Garofalo also has an interest in continuing medical education, particularly the evaluation of acquisition and retention of anatomical knowledge.