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  • Postdoctoral: Neuroendocrinology, Oregon Health Sciences University, 1984 – 1987.
  • PhD: University of California, Los Angeles, 1984
  • MS: University of Arizona, 1979.


  • Foradori, CD, Hinds, LR, Hanneman WH, Legare ME, Clay CM, Handa RJ. (2009). Atrazine inhibits pulastile luteinizing homrone release without altering pituitary sensitivity to a gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor agonist in female Wistar rats. Biol. Reprod 81: 40-45.
  • Donner N, Handa, RJ. (2009). Estrogen receptor beta regulates the expression of tryptophan-hydroxylase 2 mRNA within serotonergic neurons of the rat dorsal raphe nuclei. Neuroscience [Epub ahead of print]
  • Weiser, MJ. Handa, RJ. (2009). Estrogen impairs glucocorticoid dependent negative feedback on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis via estrogen receptor alpha within the hypothalamus. Neuroscience 159: 883-895
  • Weiser, MJ, Wu, TJ, Handa, RJ. (2009) Estrogen receptor beta (ERβ) agonist diarylpropionitrile (DPN): biological activities of R- and S-enantiomers on behavior and hormonal response to stress. Endocrinology 150;1817-1825.
  • Handa, RJ., Weiser, MJ, Zuloaga, DG. (2009) A role for the androgen metabolite, 3-beta Diol, in modulating estrogen receptor beta mediated regulation of hormonal stress reactivity. J. Neuroendocrinology 21:351-358.

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Research Interests

Neuro-degenerative, developmental and psychiatric disease; Developmental, cell and molecular biology; Gene environment interactions and epigenetics; Signaling and steroid biology.