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  • Post-Doctoral: Autoimmunity and Tumor Immunology, The University of Arizona, 1993 – 1995.
  • PhD: The University of Arizona, 1993.


  • Myers CE, Dionne SO, Shakalya K, Mahadevan D, Smith MH, Lake DF. Variation in CTL Responses to Peptides Derived from Tyrosinase Related Protein-2 (TRP-2). Hum Immunol. 69:24-31 (2007)
  • Dionne SO, Podany AB, Ruiz YW, Ampel NM, Galgiani JN, Lake DF. Spherules derived from Coccidioides posadasii promote dendritic cell maturation and activation. Infect. Immun. 74:2415-22 (2006)
  • Ampel NM, Nelson DK, Li L, Dionne SO, Lake DF, Simmons KA, Pappagianis D. The mannose receptor mediates the cellular immune response in human coccidioidomycosis. Infect Immun. 73:2554-5 (2005).
  • Dionne SO, Lake DF, Grimes WJ, Smith MH. Identification of HLA-Cw6.02 and--Cw7.01 allele-specific binding motifs by screening synthetic peptide libraries. Immunogenetics 56:391-398 (2004).

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Research Interests

Cancer; Infectious disease; Developmental, cell and molecular biology; Host-microbe interactions and immunology