The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix Biomedical Imaging Core requires formal acknowledgement in any publication, grant proposal, poster, scholarly report or presentation that contain data generated using instrumentation within the core. In addition, if core personnel provide significant contributions beyond routine sample or data analysis and/or make a substantial intellectual contribution, they should be designated as an author on any publication (manuscripts, poster, etc).

If you are considering authorship of core laboratory members on your publication, please utilize the Recommended Guidelines for Authorship on Manuscripts outlined by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF). Ultimately, the decision of co-authorship or acknowledgement is up to the senior author (or PI) on the publication.

Why Should You Acknowledge the Biomedical Imaging Core?

Research Cores, such as the Biomedical Imaging Core, are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their value in the academic enterprise. A quantifiable measure of the impact of core facilities is the number of publications and grant submissions that utilize core services. Thus, proper acknowledgement of these contributions in publications and grant proposals is essential for ensuring that the Biomedical Imaging Core receives continued financial support. The better we can demonstrate our positive impact on the research enterprise at the College of Medicine – Phoenix, the stronger the case we can make for keeping costs down, needed upgrades and increased services that will advance your research program!

Verbiage for Acknowledgement to the Biomedical Imaging Core

The following language would be appropriate for acknowledgement in the Materials and Methods section:

  • “___________ was performed by the Biomedical Imaging Core Facility at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix.

The following language would be appropriate for acknowledgement at the end of the manuscript:

  • We thank (Insert Director’s name) of the Biomedical Imaging Core at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix for providing ___________ service.

Please help us keep track of the Biomedical Imaging Core’s contributions to research on campus by letting us know when your research is published or a grant is awarded. Send us a link to your publication, too, so that we can feature it on our website!