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Current Pathology Case

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  • 74-Year-Old Man with h/o Central Spinal Stenosis.
    • Final Diagnosis – Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, ALK-negative. 
  • 14-Year-Old Female Presented for Evaluation of Three Days of Periumbilical Pain.
    • Final Diagnosis – Chordoma.
  • 72-Year-Old Patient with Pancytopenia, Gradually Worsening, with Concern for Possible Leukemia.
    • Final Diagnosis – Bone marrow, biopsy and aspirate – blastic plasmacytoid dentric cell neoplasm.
  • A Male Infant Born at 36-Weeks Gestational Age Experienced Cardiac Dysfunction.
    • Final Diagnosis – Rhabdomyomas.
  • A 41-Year-Old Man who Presents for Evaluation of Right Arm Cyst.
    • Final Diagnosis – Nodular histiocytic proliferation, compatible with Rosai-Dorfman disease.
  • An 84-Year-Old Woman was Referred for Biopsy of a Two cm Left Upper Lobe Lung nodule.
    • Final Diagnosis – Metastatic spindle cell/ sarcomatoid/ metplastic carcinoma of breast origin (with minor squamous component).
  • A 10-Year-Old Female was Reevaluated after Direct Injury to the Right Eye:
    • Final Diagnosis – Extranodal mucosa-associated B-cell lymphoma (MZL).
  • A 65-Year-Old Man with Small Bowel Perforation and Sepsis:
    • Final Diagnosis – Diffuse large B cell lymphoma with plasmacytic differentiation.
  • 73-Year-Old Man with Intrathoracic and Intrabdominal Lymphadenopathy and Liver Lesions:
    • Final Diagnosis – Lymph node, retroperitoneal, core needle biopsy — diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, GCB subtype, with aberrant MYC expression.
  • 75-Year-Old Man with a 1.1 cm Solid Mass in Left 12:00, three cm from Nipple:
    • Final Diagnosis – Bland spindle cell lesion, consisted with myofibroblastoma.
  • 14-Month-Old Male Infant was Evaluated for a Palpable, Ovoid Subcutaneous Lesion:
    • Final Diagnosis – Deep granuloma consistent with vaccine granuloma.
  • 79-Year-Old Man with h/o MDS/MPN, Treated with Epoetin, Now Concern for Conversion to AML:
    • Final Diagnosis – Bone marrow, site unspecified, aspirate, clot section and biopsy.
  • Six-Year-Old Male Child Presented for Workup of Pain upon Defecation:
    • Final Diagnosis – Hamartomatous rectal polyps.
  • 72-Year-Old Male with History of Multiple Cardiopulmonary Diseases:
    • Final Diagnosis – Tumor, left lateral bladder wall, TURBT.
  • 7-Year-Old Female Presents with Slowly Progressive Dysphagia, Headache, Ataxia and Dysarthria:
    • Final Diagnosis – ALK-positive histiocytosis.
  • 73-Year-Old Male Presents with Red/Purple Blotches:
    • Final Diagnosis – Skin, left upper arm, punch biopsy — cutaneous involvement by lymphoplasmacytic; and skin, left dorsal hand, shave biopsy — basal cell carcinoma, nodular type, transected.
  • 8-Year-Old Female Presented for Biopsy of a Focal Cluster of Violaceous Papules:
    • Final Diagnosis – Acral pseudolymphomatous angiokeratoma.
  • 70-Year-Old Man with Weight Loss, Random Biopsies Taken at Colonoscopy:
    • Final Diagnosis – Involved by systemic mastocytosis.
  • 78-Year-Old Caucasian Male with History of Multiple Non-Melanocytic Skin Cancers:
    • Final Diagnosis – Skin, left eyebrow, excision — basosquamous carcinoma involving the deep marginskin and perineurial invasion identified.
  • 74-Year-Old Veteran with Past Exposure to Chemicals:
    • Final Diagnosis – Moderately hypercellular marrow with multifocal atypical mast cell proliferation.
  • 68-Year-Old Male with PMH:
    • Final Diagnosis – Skin, excisional biopsies: squamoid eccrine duct carcinoma and foci suspicious for lymphovascular invasion identified.
  • 72-Year-Old Male with HGT1 Bladder Ca s/p TURBT + intravesical MMC:
    • Final Diagnosis – Mass, testicle and spermatic cord, resection.
  • A 72-Year-Old Female with a Three-Month History of Worsening Headaches:
    • Final Diagnosis – Meningioma arising from the basal skull.
  • A 39-Year-Old Male Found Unresponsive at Home:
    • Final Diagnosis – Benign colloid cyst.
  • A 31-Year-Old Man with a Painless Lump:
    • Final Diagnosis – Malignant germ cell tumors, seminoma and embryonal. The seminoma was 3.8 cm in greatest dimension, and the embryonal carcinoma was 1.5 cm in greatest dimension.
  • A 62-Year-Old Man with a Neck Mass:
    • Final Diagnosis  Dendritic cell neoplasm, favoring interdigitating dendritic cell sarcoma.