Case of the Month

Each Case of the Month is created for pathologists to share interesting cases, to collaborate on research and for educational purposes.

For each case of the month, you can submit your diagnosis. Feedback will be given the following month — once the case has moved to our archives.

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Current Pathology Case

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  • A 72-Year-Old Female with a Three-Month History of Worsening Headaches:
    • Final Diagnosis – Meningioma arising from the basal skull.
  • A 39-Year-Old Male Found Unresponsive at Home:
    • Final Diagnosis – Benign colloid cyst.
  • A 31-Year-Old Man with a Painless Lump:
    • Final Diagnosis – Malignant germ cell tumors, seminoma and embryonal. The seminoma was 3.8 cm in greatest dimension, and the embryonal carcinoma was 1.5 cm in greatest dimension.
  • A 62-Year-Old Man with a Neck Mass:
    • Final Diagnosis  Dendritic cell neoplasm, favoring interdigitating dendritic cell sarcoma.