Public Health, Prevention and Health Promotion

The philosophy of the public health, prevention and health promotion (P3) theme is that medicine and public health, while existing as separate disciplines, are natural allies and both should understand the other, working collaboratively. Both patients and society share the benefit of all physicians possessing a core knowledge base and set of competencies in the area of public health and population-level medicine.

The P3 theme trains all students in basic public health and prevention competencies as recommended by the Institute of Medicine. This content is taught throughout the four year curriculum at the College of Medicine – Phoenix in the organ/systems-based blocks as individual sessions and case-based student group analysis, as well experiences in capstones and intersessions activities.

In addition, there are P3 elective offerings for fourth-year students that allow exploration of content in more depth through rotations at state and county health departments and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two electives are also offered for first and second year students: issues and trends in public health and applied public health practice.


Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD
Public Health, Prevention and Health Promotion Theme

Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD