The Clinical Translational Sciences (CTS) Graduate Program is designed to provide a strong foundation in clinical translational sciences, either for post-baccalaureate students, including MD/PhD students, or postgraduate students already granted a terminal degree in a health science-related field (e.g., MD, DPharm, DrPH, DNP, etc.). The CTS Graduate Program offers access to research opportunities in the various University of Arizona Health Sciences Colleges, with MS and PhD degree options. Ongoing research topics in Phoenix and the faculty research facilities and researchers are listed below.

Applied NanoBioscience and Medical Device Development

Biomedical Informatics

Cardiovascular Biology

Emergency Medicine

Health Promotion and Nursing

Immunology and Host-Microbe Interactions

Lung Biology and Pulmonary Medicine

  • Dai, Zhiyu – Vascular biology and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Knox, Kenneth – Bronchoalveolar lavage and immunologic lung disease.
  • Wang, Ting – Lung endothelial cell biology and genetics.

ASU School of Nutrition

Neuroscience and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Oncology and Cancer Biology

UA College of Pharmacy and Pharmacogenomics

  • Cropp, Cheryl – Pharmacogenomics determinants of health disparities.
  • Urbine, Terry – Health care economics, health outcomes.

UA College of Public Health