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Course Types and Definitions



Research Electives:

For students interested in completing research in a specific area. Requires course goals and objectives, course format, structure and method of supervision and evaluation. This elective may be used for a follow-up or continuation of work on the Scholarly Project, but may not be used for activities related to completion of the original Scholarly Project unless prior approval is obtained.  

Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) Electives:

For students interested in pre-approved “away” electives. Refer to the VSAS website for full details. There is a separate application process for VSAS electives. Contact the College of Medicine – Phoenix Registrar for additional information. Please note that sub-internships and critical care rotations may not be taken through VSAS unless pre-approved by the Electives Director.

Away Electives:

For students interested in taking an elective that is not available through VSAS or listed in the Student Electives Catalog. Students are responsible for obtaining complete course information and must obtain pre-approval for the course prior to the course start date. This includes ensuring that a contract is in place between the University of Arizona and the rotation site, which normally requires a minimum of 60 days.

Independent Study Electives:

For students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise their work. Appropriate for students doing independent work which cannot be classified as actual research. Requires course goals and objectives, course format, structure and method of supervision and evaluation. Literature reviews within prescribed parameters may also meet Independent Study elective requirements.  Pre-approval required. 

Global Health Electives:

For students interested in the experience of serving the significantly underprivileged around the world.  For complete information refer to the Global Health Program.

MD/MPH Dual Degree Electives:

Dual Degree Electives are available to students pursuing the MD/MPH dual degree, a program offered jointly by the College of Medicine – Phoenix and the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Students may take one 4th year elective from an approved list that will give four hours of elective credit toward the MD degree (under 4th year general elective requirements) and three hours of credit towards the MPH degree.