Tara K. Cunningham, EdD

Greetings from Phoenix! Thank you for exploring the College of Medicine – Phoenix.

You are at the beginning of an extraordinary journey. I look forward to becoming a part of that journey. As the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment with oversight in the M.D. admissions process, financial aid and recruitment through enrichments opportunities in K-16, I have made it the mission of our office to be transparent and provide consistent communication with all our medical school hopefuls.

We invite you to come meet our team during the PreMed Workshops, a series of expert conversations and experiences for the prospective medical student. We truly appreciate your interest in our medical school and do hope that you will find answers to many of the general questions related to the medical school application process, requirements and selection criteria, cost of attendance and more. We encourage you to schedule a campus visit or if you are planning an event on your campus, please let us know and perhaps we may be in your area soon.

Contact us for more information by calling 602-827-2005 or email.

Tara K. Cunningham, EdD
Assistant Dean, Admissions and Recruitment