2016 – 2018 Clinical Informatics Fellows

Christopher Hollweg

Christopher Hollweg, MD

Dr. Hollweg trained in pediatrics at Richmond University Medical Center in New York City. While there, he created tools to reduce errors in medication and TPN ordering in the NICU. As chief resident, he implemented a mobile scheduling system for his residents. His interest in clinical informatics lies in its potential to make great strides in the advancement of medical care, by aggregating the wealth of data available and bringing it to bedside clinical practice. During the fellowship, Christopher intends to develop clinical decision support that is powerful and interoperable.

Andrew Muth, MD

Dr. Muth recently completed his pediatric residency at Phoenix Children's Hospital/Maricopa Medical Center. During his training, he became involved in implementing an EHR in the ambulatory setting. This fostered his interest in Clinical Informatics, which only continues to grow. Dr. Muth looks forward to working as part of interdisciplinary teams throughout the Valley and country and developing his understanding of this field. As an emerging subspecialty, he is excited to shape the future of health care.

2015 – 2017 Clinical Informatics Fellows

J. Edward Maddela, MD

Jed trained in family medicine at HonorHealth in Arizona. Subsequently, he served as a board-certified primary care physician for a local federally qualified health center, while also teaching at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix. He is drawn to clinical informatics because of the interprofessional nature of the fast growing subspecialty. During this 2-year fellowship, he will focus on leveraging information and technology to optimize data-driven health care practices for the delivery of value based care.

Umar Iqbal, MD

Dr. Umar Iqbal’s interest in informatics stems from a desire to understand how to better implement IT solutions to improve health care. While completing his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) at ASU, Dr. Iqbal recognized that Clinical Informatics was becoming an emerging, new and unique field. With that in mind, he was involved in the implementation of an enterprise EHR within all ambulatory clinics at St Joseph’s Hospital. Later, during his residency training, he would use that knowledge to better serve in his role as Co-Chair on the Housestaff Leadership Council and on St. Joseph’s Medical Executive Committee by establishing new and effective quality improvement projects. This fellowship will allow Dr. Iqbal to continue refining the capabilities of informatics, while also collaborating with all of the major health systems in the valley.