Endocrine fellows participate fully in inpatient and outpatient clinical activities of the Division of Endocrinology, while working under the direct supervision of assigned attending faculty. In the ambulatory care setting, fellows are evaluating both new and follow-up patients. Fellows are expected to review all clinical records involved in the clinical encounter, formulate and present a clear case presentation, which includes interpretation of diagnostic tests and a proposed management plan to a supervising physician. Discussions include review of:

  • Clinical data.
  • Psycho-social patient environment.
  • Pathophysiology of disease.
  • Differential diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic approach.
  • Therapeutic options.
  • Literature reviews.

The fellows learn to integrate the various aspects of the patient evaluation to develop a patient centered, well thought out and evidence-based therapeutic plan. The inpatient rotation will highlight the acute endocrine pathologies and emphasize transition of the inpatient endocrine patient to outpatient endocrine patient. An assigned attending physician supervises all inpatient endocrine care and is responsible for providing patient centered teachings.