Applying FAQs

What is a holistic review?

The holistic review process means that your entire application is reviewed and taken into consideration. We are looking at your metrics, your attributes and your experiences.

Can I provide updates to my application after submitting?

We are unable to accept updates or changes to your application after submission.

If invited to complete a Secondary Application, how long do I have to complete the process?

30 days.

How long until I hear whether I will be invited to an interview once I complete my secondary application?

We cannot give you a firm time commitment here. Historically, we are reviewing an application within a few weeks of being completed. You are then either: Invited to InterviewDenied, or held for Further Consideration.

Invited to Interview and Denied should hear from us within a month. However, a held application for Further Consideration can take up to a few months to learn whether they are invited to interview or, unfortunately, denied. In the end, not hearing from us is not bad news. You mostly have to be patient as we review your application alongside other applicants.

How long does it take for my MCAT score to be shared once it has been taken?

Once you have taken your MCAT, it will take approximately four (4) weeks for your score to be received by our office.  

How early should I take my MCAT if I am planning to apply for the upcoming application cycle?

The primary AMCAS application typically opens in early May, and you may begin submitting around June 1 of each year. If you take that into account and include the four (4) weeks it takes for your MCAT score to be shared, that should allow you to plan accordingly to take your MCAT.

Do you accept online coursework and coursework from a community college?

Yes, we accept coursework from both online and community colleges as long as the college is accredited.

For deadlines, does this mean the materials need to be post marked by the deadline or received by the deadline?

This means we need to have received the materials by the deadline.

Can I apply while completing my required courses?

Yes. You will have to show satisfactory completion of the courses by the end of the spring semester before starting medical school in July.

How are multiple MCAT exams viewed?

Multiple MCAT scores will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee for demonstrated growth and competency in the test areas. Subsequent scores that are higher than the original score are viewed positively; however, declining scores are concerning. We do not average multiple exam scores. Exams taken through 2012 will be considered.