Established in 2002, the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) is an international association of individuals and medical school chapters whose members are selected as exemplars of empathy, compassion, altruism, integrity and service in their relationships with patients and others in the field of medicine.

Members can be selected as early as the third year of medical school but are also chosen as residents, faculty or administrators. All members must be in good academic standing.

Members of the group agree to work within and beyond medical education to inspire, nurture and sustain lifelong advocates and activists for compassionate patient care. The group defines humanism in medicine as keeping relationships between physicians and their patients respectful and compassionate. It also says humanism is reflected in the attitudes and behaviors of physicians that are sensitive to the values, autonomy, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of others.

The College of Medicine - Phoenix GHHS chapter was established in 2010 and each year, the top 10-15 percent of the third-year medical students are identified by their peers as exemplars of demonstrating humanism in medicine.

The students who have been inducted as exemplars are:

Class of 2018

  • Tiana Blank.
  • Michelle Blumenschine.
  • Monica Chaung.
  • Daniel Crawford.
  • Ashley Jones.
  • Daniel Kim.
  • Kelsey Morgosh.
  • Alona Sukhina.
  • Sophie Sun.
  • Alicia Taase.
  • Kate Townley.
  • Corey Detlefs, MD (Faculty).
  • Matthew McEchron, MD (Faculty).
  • Dawn Barcellona, MD (Faculty).

Class of 2017

  • Julia Bedard.
  • Weihua Chen.
  • Kenneth Johnson.
  • Sarah Kellerhals.
  • Jeffrey Kim.
  • Alexander Kovacs.
  • Ashkon Mahmoudi.
  • Kelsi Manley.
  • Sarah Monks.
  • Jaime Perkins.
  • Katie Brite, MD (Faculty).
  • Marci Moffitt, MD (Faculty).

Class of 2016

  • Lilanthi Balasuriya.
  • Mandy (Ward) Boltz.
  • Jacquelin Esque.
  • Laura Hoffman.
  • Aaron Klassen.
  • Gianna Romano.
  • Joseph Seelbaugh.
  • Michael Simmons.
  • Sravanthi Vegunta.
  • Susan Kaib, MD (Faculty).

Class of 2015

  • Shruti Bala.
  • Alexandra Dulude.
  • Calliandra Hintzen.
  • Allison Scotch.
  • Natasha Sinha.
  • Erica Wadas.
  • Elaine Niggemann MD (Faculty).
  • Tina Younger MD (Faculty).