The Biological Irradiator and Imager Shared Equipment resource provides access to x-ray irradiation and x-ray and luminescence imaging on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus near 7th Street and Van Buren Street. This resource is sponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Instrumentation and Capabilities

  • Precision X-ray, Inc. X-RAD 320 x-ray irradiator.
  • Variable collimator (1 mm to 20 cm diameter spot size).
  • OptiMAX IGRT Imaging System for optical molecular and x-ray image guided radiotherapy research.
  • Anesthesia unit.
  • Environmental chamber for control of O2, CO2 and temperature.
  • PTW UNIDOS E universal dosemeter for measurement of dose and dose rate.


  • Studying the effects of radiation on biological samples and cells in cultures.
  • Whole body irradiation for depletion of hematopoietic cells to isolate contribution of bone marrow-derived cells or allow for transfer of lymphocytes.
  • Targeted radiation of tumors with x-ray and luminescence imaging.
  • Generation of non-dividing cells for measurement of proliferation of a single population of cells in a mixed culture or feeder layers to maintain primary cell cultures.
  • Hypoxia studies.
  • Sterilizing pharmaceuticals, medical appliances, or laboratory apparati.


Equipment Internal – Unassisted External – Unassisted
Precision X-ray, Inc. X-RAD 320 X-ray Irradiator $25/hour $41.63/hour