Student Affairs

We are dedicated to the holistic care of patients. This begins with the holistic care and preparation of future physician-scientists. Our culture is an intentional family, where values of equity, collaboration, excellence, innovation and service guide our approach to medical education. We are committed to providing a vibrant, diverse and engaging learning environment that supports all learners.

The Student Affairs team has designed a unique portfolio of services to ensure every medical student can be successful. These support services include academic, financial, wellness and engagement resources. This wide range of services helps you achieve not only your educational goals, but goals in all areas of your life. The demands of medical school and personal adjustments can test your confidence and motivation. Our staff is here to provide a strong support system that empowers you to succeed. Take advantage of the expertise from our diverse team of specialists.

Daniel Drane Talks with His Student Wellness Committee

Student and Resident Wellness

Student and Resident Wellness provides targeted resources, programming, trainings and curriculum to educate students, residents, faculty and staff about building healthy, help-seeking habits around mental health.

  • Resources and Support.
  • Personal Well-Being Assistance, Advising and Mentoring.
A Medical Student Talks with a Resident in Banner's Wellness Center

Career and Professional Advising

Career and Professional Advising coordinates various events and workshops to enhance medical students' knowledge of the various processes (scheduling, specialty selection, residency interviews) that they will encounter.

  • Track Your Interests and Goals.
  • Plan Ahead.
  • Residency Applications.
Dude Coudret Talks with a Medical Student in the Doctoring Suites

Student Development

Dedicated Learning Specialists who help in all aspects of:

  • Student learning.
  • Test-taking strategies.
  • Self Management.
  • Board Preparation.
Medical Student in the Health Sciences Library

Student Services

Student Services supports the non-academic student life cycle, beginning when they prepare for matriculation through the time they become active alumni, reinforcing our student-centric model. Our areas of responsibility include onboarding, registration, credentialing, medical student government and student life.

Medical Student Amaris Tapia on her rotation in Payson, AZ

Certificates of Distinction

Certificates of Distinction are offered to students as optional advanced medical preparation opportunities with specialization in specific areas of service, including:

  • Global Health.
  • Health Humanities.
  • Primary Care.
  • Rural Health.
  • Service and Community Health.
Medical students gather in the loading area of the BSPB

Student Interest Groups

College of Medicine – Phoenix students are actively engaged in the future of medicine, patient care and education by virtue of activism and professional development in a multitude of specialties. Each student interest group has a specific focus and desire to collaborate with practicing physicians, academicians, and peers through speaking engagements, clinics and other exciting events.

Pathway Scholars

The Pathways Scholars Program offers a wide-array of resources for our current Pathway students to help them thrive both in and outside of the classroom.

Class of 2011 Reunion Sign

FInancial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to assisting our students in understanding, applying for, and securing financial resources for a medical education. We offer students the opportunity to further their knowledge of personal financial wellness through financial literacy.

Two students talk in the lobby of the HSEB

Student Affairs

Through active engagement, services and programming, the Student Affairs Office supports the physical, intellectual, mental, emotional and social development of our students, while coaching their progress and celebrating their successes.



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