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A Full-Circle Moment
Michelle Goforth, MS2, volunteers as a counselor at Summer Scrubs years after being a Summer Scrubs student

Our Statement on Racism

Identify our unique vision for medical education by pairing the dean's vision with the pillars

"Racism, in all forms, harms individuals and is deleterious to all communities, institutions and society at-large.

Racism contributes to shortened life spans, health disparities, health inequities and chronic illness. Racism is an urgent public health problem for all.

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix joins the leading professional associations in medicine — such as the Association of American Medical CollegesAmerican Medical Association, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and Arizona Medical Association — in condemning racism and declaring racism a public health urgency." — Read the Full Statement

Diversity & Inclusion

By fostering a culture of Inclusive Excellence, we promote the differences, talents and unique qualities of all individuals

Commitment to Serve

Through community outreach, grassroots efforts and new innovations, the college has tackled COVID-19 head on

Reimagine Medicine Podcast

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Amelia Gallitano, MD, PhD
Thursday, June 02, 2022
Dr. Gallitano's research is hoping to identify the causes of mental illnesses to improve patient outcomes
Dean Guy Reed, MD, MS
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Discovering new mechanisms of blood clot formation in order to prevent and treat heart attack and stroke