Improving patient care by treating — and preventing — disease is our primary mission.

We are committed to increasing medical knowledge through research, including clinical trials, observational studies and laboratory experiments. We embrace problem-based learning and collaborative research to accelerate medical discovery and develop solutions that change lives.

Our culture of innovation empowers team members to envision what is possible, but does not yet exist. The UA College of Medicine – Phoenix and Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix have built a strong institutional infrastructure to propel novel ideas into leading-edge research. This support includes educational, programmatic, facility and equipment resources to support a wide-range of clinical research. From bench to bedside and back to bench, our full circle approach to clinical research ensures the results of these endeavors will impact the way patients are treated and the methods used to train future physician-scientists.

Our diverse team of investigators consists of knowledge leaders within the medical, scientific and professional fields. These dynamic faculty continue to advance effective clinical and public health practice as well as influence health care policy at the state and national levels. They are joined by clinicians, graduate students and leaders from the community, pooling relevant expertise to tackle tough problems. This work takes place on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, in the clinical environments of Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix and across the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with fellow trail blazers who are tackling difficult research questions and reimagining what medicine can offer to humanity.


Voluntary participants in research studies are helping our researchers learn more about crucial aspects of human health

Research Sponsors

By establishing productive relationships, we can facilitate more clinical trials and greater access to the latest innovations

Investigators and Staff

It is our goal to not only help researchers get started with their clinical research, but also to aid them in conducting it