Throughout the College’s journey of creation, we have held and continue to have an expansive vision for the future. We value our past, are proud of our accomplishments to date and believe that collectively, our future is framed by how expansive our vision is and limited only by boundaries we place on these dreams.

The College of Medicine – Phoenix is committed to four pillars that empower its mission and vision for the future. The Education Pillar, Research Pillar, Clinical Pillar and Community Service Pillar converge in many areas and synergistically form the foundation of the College.

Education Pillar

The College is committed to providing an environment that motivates and encourages excellence — one where every student can thrive. Innovations in our curriculum prepare a growing body of diverse students to be physicians for tomorrow. By utilizing simulation technology and advances in medicine, the college offers students a rich, varied experience working in a distributed clinical partnership model.

Key Aspirations:

  • Leverage clinical partners to expand training opportunities.
  • Continue to create an inclusive and diverse culture on campus.
  • Improve and grow the graduate medical education programs to meet the health care needs of Arizonans.

Research Pillar

The College will maintain and grow collaborative research relationships locally, nationally and globally to accelerate discovery and to advance health and health care for all. Research partners provide opportunities to collectively advance the breadth and complexity of medicine.

Key Aspirations:

  • Development of multidisciplinary centers of excellence (big data health care analytics, precision medicine, neurosciences) translated to improved patient care.
  • Create and grow core Research labs that will leverage the college and partners.
  • Expand focus on the research enterprise.
  • Collaborate with community and industry partners to expand resources and maximize partnerships.

Clinical Pillar

The college has developed an integral network of clinical partners in the Phoenix area, exposing students to a diverse cross-section of patients while in training. The network is anchored by the Banner Health System. The university and Banner Health have enhanced their partnership, which includes further developing the academic mission at Banner’s flagship Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix.

Key Aspirations:

  • Further developing the partnership with Banner Health to create opportunities to advance teaching and research at the college.
  • Integrate educational and research expertise of the college into existing centers at Banner Health.
  • Pursue creation of more graduate medical education opportunities in the Phoenix area.
  • Develop innovative partnerships with affiliates throughout the region to increase opportunities for students and transform health care.

Community Pillar

Community organizations and partners look to the college to lead efforts aimed at improving the health of our population. The college was built as a result of extraordinary collaboration within the community, and so it aspires to continually give back by making a real difference as an exceptional servant and partner.

Key Aspirations:

We can and will harness energies at our disposal to drive our economy, our national status, and critically, avail world-class health care to the citizens of our state.

We have an expansive vision for the future, valuing all of our resources and believing it is critical to meld with partners to form a collective force for health care in Arizona.