Welcome to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, a collaborative program with Phoenix Children’s Hospital! As Arizona’s only free-standing pediatric hospital and one of the 10 largest hospitals of its kind in the United States, Phoenix Children’s has long been a resource for aspiring physicians in all stages of training.

In 2018, after years of teaching, Phoenix Children's embarked on the journey to start its own fellowship. As one of 75 pediatric specialties, the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program provides unique opportunities to work with a diverse patient population and be part of an interdisciplinary team. Housed within the renowned Barrow Neurological Institute, the program provides outpatient, inpatient and consultative services throughout the hospital and state; and it aims to provide comprehensive training that fosters self-directed, compassionate, knowledgeable physicians who come out of training well equipped to tackle the ever-growing mental health needs of our society. 

The program's faculty have a variety of interests — including maternal-fetal care, early childhood trauma, addictions and urgent psychiatric services. Devoted to teaching and the community, the department provides outreach and education through its Faculty Learning Community, webinars, blogs and presentations at conferences.  

The program's fellows work together with attending staff to provide comprehensive, thoughtful care grounded in evidenced based principles. As child and adolescent psychiatrists, the program integrates physical and emotional health. It also examines the system in which the child lives to provide care that is whole and impactful. Through their training, the fellows will learn, grow and develop their own practice through robust clinical experience and didactic seminars. Learn more.