The Department of Career Development consists of the following units:

This department is responsible for the design, delivery and evaluation of the medical school curriculum. As a newly accredited college of medicine, the faculty and staff work diligently to design the best possible integrated curriculum to prepare students for the practice of medicine in the 21st century.

In addition to understanding basic and clinical science, students must learn to engage with people in compassionate and understanding ways. They must also appreciate the system within which they will function, including health policy, insurance systems, regulation and societal issues.

We are committed to providing an environment, which encourages excellence and self-motivation. The emphasis is no longer on grades, but rather on achieving a knowledge base to prepare students for professional service as physicians in any specialty they choose. Faculty and staff support is crucial to help the student navigate this unique journey, and support is provided in many ways – academically, emotionally, personally and professionally. Our goal is to provide a medical school environment in which every student can thrive.

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