The goal of the Banner Addiction Recovery Center is to lower individual and community impact related to substance use through compassionate and evidenced-based substance use treatment. Through education, community outreach and advocacy, we aim to lower the stigma and support colleagues in the care of their patients, as well as increase the number of confident and knowledgeable health care professionals. We will actively promote the expansion of addiction medicine knowledge to increase the number of confident health care professionals treating substance use disorders.

The center provides compassionate, nonjudgmental and confidential addiction medicine treatments, including:

  • Assessment of scope and severity of alcohol and substance use.
  • Complete medical examination.
  • Medical services include:
    • Outpatient alcohol and drug detoxification.
    • Coordination for inpatient detoxification.
    • Buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone) therapy.
    • Naltrexone PO/IM.
    • Alcohol maintenance medication.
    • Tobacco cessation.
  • Consultation for high-risk patients on chronic opioid analgesic therapy.
  • Care for women in any stage of pregnancy, using any substance — drug or alcohol.
  • Social work support.
  • HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.