The Professional Conduct Comment provides a process for faculty, residents, fellows, medical students, and staff to comment upon either exemplary professional behavior OR lapses in professional behavior demonstrated by faculty, residents, fellows, medical students or staff in the learning environment at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix, through the mechanism outlined below.

The purpose of the Professional Conduct Comment is to promote and reward excellence in professional behavior and ensure both compliance with policies and procedures addressing professional conduct, as well as to address inappropriate conduct.

The comment form is a mechanism created to allow follow-up on a concern of a lack of or a departure from professionalism standards, or to commend an individual for exemplary professional behavior. Submitting a comment about a lack of professionalism will start a process to address a concern, which may or may not result in disciplinary action against the individual about whom the comment was submitted.

While not anonymous, the person submitting the comment will be kept in the utmost confidence. The privacy of a comment shall be protected to the extent allowed by law and with consideration to fairness to the individuals charged with unprofessional conduct, as well as other persons who may be asked to provide additional information. Retaliation of any kind against individuals providing comments or others whose information may be required to substantiate a charge is prohibited and shall be treated as a violation of applicable University rules.

After receiving a comment, the Professional Resource Office will distribute it to the appropriate administrators for acknowledgement or action as deemed necessary.

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Behavior Witnessed
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Incident Location
Please describe here the circumstances and behavior that you witnessed in the learning environment. Please be sure to include all of the following: the position or role of the individual(s) involved, your relationship to the person involved, and the location.