The Professionalism Conduct Comment form provides a process for faculty, residents, fellows, medical students and staff to comment upon either exemplary professional behavior or lapses in professional behavior demonstrated by faculty, residents, fellows, medical students or staff in the learning environment at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix.

The purpose of the form is to promote and reward excellence in professional behavior and to provide a confidential reporting mechanism for learners and faculty to identify any mistreatment or unprofessional conduct they have experienced within any of the College of Medicine – Phoenix’s learning environments.

The comment form is a mechanism created to allow for follow-up on a concern regarding a lack of, or a departure from, professionalism standards. It may also be used to commend an individual for exemplary professional behavior. The PRO reviews all comments submitted and initiates a process to address issues raised.

While not anonymous, your submission will be treated confidentially subject to applicable University policies and law. Retaliation of any kind against individuals providing comments — or others whose information may be required to substantiate a charge — is prohibited and shall be treated as a violation of applicable University rules.

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Incident Location
Please describe here the circumstances and behavior that you witnessed in the learning environment. Please be sure to include all of the following: the position or role of the individual(s) involved, your relationship to the person involved, and the location.
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