The Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine applies interdisciplinary science approaches to medicine that aim to achieve early diagnostics of human diseases, in particular cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases. We are developing platform technologies to translate molecular analysis into clinical tools through large-scale prototyping and compliant regulation for future commercialization and adoption of the novel technologies for point-of-care applications.

Nanobioscience enables understanding of biological interactions at multiple length scales for validating emerging drug/biomarkers development. Early molecular profiling and target identification in tumor microenvironment combined with physical science metrology opens new approaches for tailoring treatments and personalizing medicine.

Innovative platform technologies include gene expression based biodosimetry for radio-oncology and imaging, rapid DNA testing for early stage bacterial infection detection, but also DNA fingerprinting for human identification or other public health countermeasures. Single cell manipulation, volatile profiling, nanocomposite materials for biospecimen collection and preservation and even alternative bioenergy are amongst exploratory developments in the center.