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Guadalupe Federico, PhD

Guadalupe Federico, PhD. Assistant Dean, Academic and Faculty Affairs.

Program Overview

Mentoring is a critical component to the career advancement of our faculty. The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs advises all faculty — particularly junior and mid-level faculty — to seek out opportunities for mentorship wherever they can. Many departments at the UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix have active mentoring programs for their members, and we advise faculty to begin their search there or by speaking to their department chair or department faculty coordinator.

The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs at the College of Medicine – Phoenix is committed to developing a vibrant, engaged and empowered community of faculty who have access to programs that inspire and enrich their professional growth and development. Leading and Inspiring Faculty Trajectories (LIFT) is a college-level early and mid-career peer faculty mentoring program designed to supplement and complement mentoring activities at the department level — while simultaneously equipping faculty with the resources, tools and networks of like-minded colleagues needed to thrive in academic medicine. The optimal goal of the program is to take a deep dive into the professorial promotion process while touching on other overall topics related to career advancement for physician and basic science researchers.

LIFT is a facilitated, cohort-based program derived from modern, evidence-based mentoring practices and literature with the aim of enhancing faculty vitality through efficient access to peer mentoring opportunities, resources and events across a broad spectrum of career development topics (Fleming et al., 2016).

Program Goals

  • To provide supplemental mentoring opportunities and resources to junior and mid-level faculty of the College of Medicine – Phoenix.
  • Expand participants’ professional networks to include affiliates and outside disciplines.
  • To advance the professional goals of the mentees.
  • Expose faculty to a peer group mentoring dynamic.

Program Model

  • Nine-month program cycle.
  • Cohort-based.
  • Peer-mentoring groups empowered by college-level resources.

*Curated LIFT Session Recordings

  • If These Walls Could Talk: Expanding Your Visibility for Promotion.
    • Speaker: Guadalupe Federico, PhD.
  • Clinical Portfolios for Your Promotion Dossier.
    • Speaker: Mira Milas, MD.
  • Teaching Portfolios for Your Promotion Dossier.
    • Speaker: Linda Nelson, MD, PhD.
  • The Impact of Intersectionality on Engagement and Professorial Promotion.
    • Speaker: Beatriz Tapia, MD, PhD.

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2022 LIFT Cohort 

  • Beth Batchelor, MD
  • Nalini Bhalla, MD
  • Megan Cheney, MD, MPH
  • Christina Conrad, DO
  • Ayah Elmaghrabi, MD
  • Pamela Griffiths, MD
  • Allysia Houser, DO
  • Ian Komenaka, MD
  • Rashmi Kumar, MD
  • MacKenzie Landin, MD
  • Jennifer Nelson, DO
  • Reena Rastogi, MD
  • Allison Tompeck, MD
  • Denege Ward-Wright, MD
  • Kristen Young, MD, DO


2020-2021 LIFT Cohort

  • Firas Abbas, MD.
  • Mahmoud Alsayed, MD.
  • Jessica Anderson, MD.
  • Israel Andrews, MD.
  • Shilpa Atodaria, MD.
  • Elise Barney, DO.
  • Mohan Belthur, MD.
  • Poonam Bhatia, MD.
  • Melisa Celaya, PhD.
  • Hemasree Chaliki, MD.
  • Joan Chua, MD.
  • Alissa Darden, MD.
  • David Guttman, MD.
  • Diane Hindman, MD, PharmD.
  • Aparna Jain, MD.
  • Mrinalini Kala, PhD.
  • Allison, Kaplan, MD
  • Allison Kirk, MD.
  • Atsuko Koyama MD, MPH.
  • Nicole Kurnik, MD.
  • Gregory Logid, PhD.
  • Kelley Saunders, MD.
  • Eliezer Shinnar, MD.
  • Ryan Sullivan, DVM.
  • Sandra Till, DO.
  • Ijeoma Uche, MD.
  • Roxana Ursea, MD.
  • Karyne Vinales, MD.
  • Alan Wang, MD.
  • Teddy Youn, MD.

2019-2020 LIFT Cohort

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 cohort of LIFT Faculty Mentoring Program for completing the program!

  • Kendall Novoa-Takara, MD.
  • Bidur Dhakal, MD.
  • Mahmoud Alsayed, MD.
  • Jay Varma, MD.
  • Ricardo Correa, MD.
  • Allison Kaplan, MD.
  • Joyce Lee-Iannotti, MD.
  • Lisa Yanex, EdD.
  • Shoma Bommena, MD.
  • Lisa Shah-Patel, MD.
  • Mohan Belthur, MD.
  • Cynthia Funes, PhD.
  • Julie Hastings, MD.


2017-2018 LIFT Cohort

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 cohort of LIFT Faculty Mentoring Program for completing the program!

  • Hamed Abbaszadegan, MD.
  • Nichole Mahnert, MD.
  • Shaghayegh Abdollahi, MD.
  • Emily Mallin, MD.
  • Mahmoud Alsayed, MD.
  • Jon McGreevy, MD.
  • Mohan Belthur, MD.
  • Laura Mercer, MD.
  • Clairmar Borrero-Mejias, MD.
  • Michele Munkwitz, MD.
  • Viet Do, DO.
  • Alexander Ngwube, MD.
  • Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD.
  • Alena Petty, DO.
  • Maheshwor Kafle, MD.
  • Zebulon Timmons, MD.
  • Erin Kreml, MD.
  • Benjamin Wright, MD.

Thank You to Our Past Mentors!

  • Richard Gerkin, MD, MS.
  • Michael Grossman, MD, MACP.
  • Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD.
  • Maria Manriquez, MD.
  • Linda R. Nelson, MD, PhD.
  • Robert Roberts, MD.
  • Terry Stull, MD.
  • Steve Zangwill, MD.