Fellows will focus on managing laboring patients, performing c-sections and tubal ligations. The training takes place at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix in partnership with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the associated residency program. Fellows work under the direct supervision of obstetrics (OB) attendings on a high-volume labor and delivery unit.  Opportunities to also provide Family Medicine OB attending coverage and see/deliver continuity OB patients.  Additional experiences include community outreach work with the Wesley Community Health Center population, including mobile OB care outreach services. 

Fellows will focus on taking part in both Family Medicine and OB/GYN clinics, performing many procedures, including c-sections, colposcopy and LEEP, D&C, and neonatal resuscitation and stabilization. 

Other experiences

  • Call and coverage on the labor and delivery unit 
  • Neonatal resuscitation training at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix
  • Continuity clinic three half days per week, with a mix of prenatal, women’s health, and full spectrum family medicine patients
  • OB/prenatal resident clinic 
  • Inpatient attending  4-5 weeks
  • FM OB attending coverage
  • Longitudinal meeting monthly to review cases, journal articles and assigned reading.
  • Clinic time with maternal fetal medicine 
  • Attending the AAFP Maternity Care Conference and/or ASCCP colposcopy course