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Help Shape the Future

All great institutions like the University of Arizona rely on generous support from people like you to help us shape the future of health care.

There are many ways for your gift to impact our ability to educate our physicians, advance cutting-edge research and improve the lives of the people of Arizona.

Every dollar contributes to a more rewarding student experience, breakthrough research and enhanced training. Each gift continues to elevate the College of Medicine – Phoenix as an innovative, world-class institution for medical education.

Giving Opportunities

The Brick by Brick Endowment Fund will provide a long term, enduring source of funding for the College, yielding discretionary funds in perpetuity. Your support will help make it possible for the College to have access to critical and flexible resources that can be used to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities, rise to challenges, and fulfill our mission of training exemplary physicians, scientists and leaders to optimize health and health care in Arizona and beyond.

By giving to the Brick by Brick Endowment Fund, you make an impact two ways by:

Gifts to the Dean’s Fund for Excellence allow Dean Reed and his leadership team at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix to make the right choices about ongoing needs and priorities and to direct resources where they are needed most. When you give an unrestricted gift, you give the college and the dean the flexibility to seize new initiatives, meet unexpected needs and strengthen ongoing programs. 

These gifts allow the college to apply your funds wherever they will have the most impact. Gifts from generous donors can support:

  • Student projects.
  • Faculty support.
  • Research initiatives.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Equipment and software purchases.
  • Renovation, upgrade of facilities and more.

Because of the rapid pace of progress and change in science and medicine, the college benefits enormously from flexible funding in several areas. To accomplish our mission, we must be prepared to act, in a variety of circumstances, on new opportunities as they arise.

Gifts to the college's various departments and centers contribute to the enhancement of on-campus research facilities, assisting in the development of scientific discovery.

Across the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, groundbreaking research is being conducted in a range of important medical fields. Campus faculty and researchers are uncovering solutions to critical health issues. These include: depression, traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest and heart disease, ischemic stroke, as well as translating molecular analysis into better medical diagnoses and more.

These gifts may also further reward the student experience, helping to ensure the college's modernized and state-of-the-art educational, clinical training suites remain ahead of the curve.

An endowed professorship — or endowed chair — is a position permanently paid for with the revenue from an endowment fund specifically set up for that purpose. Typically, the position is designated to be in a certain department and can be named by the donor.

Endowed professorships aid the university by providing a faculty member who does not have to be paid entirely out of the operating budget, allowing the university to either reduce its student-to-faculty ratio — a statistic used for college rankings and other institutional evaluations — and/or direct money that would otherwise have been spent on salaries toward other university needs. Additionally, an endowed professorship or chair can be used by the College of Medicine – Phoenix to reward its best faculty or to recruit top professors from other institutions.

The Pathway Scholars Program (PSP) is for Arizona residents who desire to pursue a career in medicine. The program is designed for students who have experienced unique or greater than average challenges in preparing to become competitive medical school applicants.

Support is needed to help prepare select disadvantaged students for a future in medical school. Your gift will not only help students but also assist the college in building a pipeline of exceptional medical school candidates who reflect our community. Make a gift to the Pathway Scholars Program.

Why a Planned Gift?

Planned Giving is when the values of an institution align with a donor’s own values to the extent that it becomes the donor’s belief that these values should be preserved for the future. It requires thought, as well as planning, and is generally made by a donor near the end of his or her lifetime.

Planned giving is a powerful tool that can:

  • Provide an income for life and reduce or eliminate capital gains.
  • Generate a charitable tax deduction or reduce or eliminate gift and estate tax.
  • Provide a much larger gift to the College of Medicine – Phoenix than you ever thought possible.

Types of Planned Gifts

  • Bequests.
  • Life income gifts.
  • Retirement plan gifts.
  • Life insurance gifts.
  • Charitable lead trusts.
  • Real estate gifts.
  • Tangible personal property.

Scholarships attract the best students, recognize academic achievement and promote diversity among the student body. All of these efforts enrich our campus and ensure a higher-quality education for our students. Scholarships make education attainable for those who need financial assistance, and they enable students to focus on schoolwork and learning, rather than on just trying to survive. The scholarship funds you provide will benefit these students, giving them the opportunity they so earnestly seek: to gain a medical education at this outstanding academic institution.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship is tuition (and possibly other cost) assistance that is permanently paid for with the revenue of an endowment fund specifically set up for that purpose. It can be either merit-based or need-based, depending on university policy or donor preferences.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarship are just that — scholarships based on need. For some of the best and brightest future doctors, the ability to pay for medical school is an overwhelming challenge. Scholarship support can help highly motivated, talented individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to starting their careers: the cost of advanced professional training. The cost of a medical degree has more than tripled in the past 10 years. With the average debt for a medical student graduate being $160,000, nearly all medical students need financial support to complete their studies. 

Endowed Fellowships

Fellowships are similar, although they are most commonly associated with graduate students. In addition to helping with tuition, they may also include a stipend. Fellowships with a stipend may encourage students to work on a doctorate.

Scrubs Academy provides various opportunities for high school students whom are interested in medicine to learn more about the profession. We offer many different programs throughout the academic year, as well as during the summer months to expose interested students to topics related to health care.

Exposure to medicine in high school is crucial to nurturing a student's existing interest in a health care profession. Your gift will help the college further develop these opportunities, introducing medicine as path of study to students earlier and more often.

A white coat and a dream. Your gift to the annual College of Medicine – Phoenix White Coat Campaign gives our first-year medical students both.

The White Coat Ceremony welcomes first-year medical students to the College of Medicine – Phoenix family. At the ceremony, they will recite their own carefully crafted class oath that commits them to the highest professional and ethical standards. Each student will receive a white coat, stethoscope and textbook — important tools and symbols of the lifetime of healing that lies ahead.

Your gift will purchase their first white coat, will underwrite a portion of the event costs and will help fund meaningful scholarships. Our students and alumni say that the ceremony is the best possible way to start their medical career! It creates a vibrant sense of camaraderie among students, faculty and donors from day one. The ceremony is a small investment that will pay big dividends over the next four years and beyond.

Since 1967, the Willed Body Program at The University of Arizona College of Medicine Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine has remained committed to honoring the wishes of our donors to further the education of future and current health professionals through the gift of body donation.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Willed Body Program serves students, educators and medical residents throughout the United States by connecting them with residents of Arizona who have opted to become body donors.