Biomedical Informatics

Clinical medicine and biomedical research are increasingly information dense activities. There is a rapidly accelerating and now federally driven movement toward the rapid and widespread adoption of electronic medical records and e-portability of health information. The biomedical informatics (BMI) theme integrates academic and clinical experiences to develop a new generation of clinicians with enhanced informatics competencies. The College of Medicine – Phoenix graduates will be well prepared to become leaders in their fields, incorporating the principles and practice of biomedical informatics and offering higher value patient care more universally than ever before.

Recognizing that the essence of the physician’s effectiveness in the future will flow in large part from information management and mastery, this aim is accomplished by a highly innovative curricular Theme which includes:

  • Case-based learning experiences by transdisciplinary interprofessional teams which foster rich clinician computing and informatics specialist interaction and collaboration.
  • Dynamically supported evidence-based medical training, teaching and practice through creation of unique synergies among Valley of the Sun hospitals, health care providers and the biomedical industry.
  • Utilizing information systems creatively and dynamically to support training, practice and research.
The BMI theme curriculum comprises more than 45 hours of required instruction in the areas of bioinformatics, imaging informatics and public health informatics with a particular focus on applied clinical informatics. Students are introduced to concepts underlying data organization, clinical decision making, decision support, electronic health records and, ultimately, how all of these support the continuous improvement of safety, quality and efficiency in clinical care.
For more detailed information about this curriculum and its impact on students, read The Evolution of a Novel Biomedical Informatics Curriculum for Medical Students by Howard Silverman, et. al. or visit the Department of Biomedical Informatics website.


Ali Al Yaqoobi, MD, FACP
Biomedical Informatics (BMI) Themes

Ali Al Yaqoobi, MD, FACP