Residents – PGY1

Brief Bio

Tjiska Conrotto, DDS
Tjiska Conrotto, DDS

Undergraduate: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Dental School: New York University
Personal Interests: Anything that involves sunshine and being outdoors! Also cooking, listening to music, and going to the gym.
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: The most important factor for me when deciding on a residency program was the interpersonal relationships between the residents, a supportive culture and a strong team dynamic. You’ll be working hard in whatever residency program you match into, but you might as well have fun while you’re at it! We have fabulous residents and attendings, great weather, plus tons of experience on trauma call and in the OR. I’m constantly surprised at how happy I am here, and how much I look forward to coming into work the next day, even as an intern. I am incredibly grateful I matched at this program and wouldn’t change my experience here for the world.

Brandon Golub, DDS
Brandon Golub, DDS

Undergraduate: Nova Southeastern University
Dental School: University of The Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
Personal Interests: Sports, working out, food, entrepreneurship, outdoor activities 
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: The surgical experience and camaraderie are unique at this program. From day one, I felt a part of the team, getting hands-on experience in clinic and the OR, while also beginning to take call. The residents all support one another, and it is truly one big family here. The attendings are fantastic and always looking out for the best interests of the residents, constantly enhancing our learning and challenging each of us daily. With OMFS as the only group to be taking facial call 365 days a year, 24/7 in the state of Arizona and surrounding states, the trauma exposure is extensive and amazing. Along with the training and resident culture, the program is in downtown Phoenix — in great weather and with many things do and explore. I am so grateful for the training, knowledge and experience I have received so far!

Jingqi (Kenny) Li, DDS
Jingqi (Kenny) Li, DDS

Undergraduate: Peking University
Dental School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Personal Interests: Hiking, swimming, traveling, visiting museums, as well as playing the piano and the oboe
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: I chose Arizona and the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, Banner Health specifically, due to its collaborative team culture, broad surgical scope and exciting opportunities. I love the OMFS team at Banner because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission, which creates a friendly environment where each team member is there for others. Both attendings and residents are extremely resourceful and forthcoming. Meanwhile, when talking about the OMFS field, I am enthusiastic about complicated procedures and state-of-art techniques, and here in Banner, I have the opportunity to see it on a daily basis. If one loves the challenge of coming in every day and working on some of the most complicated procedures, Banner is the top choice!


Brief Bio

Makenzie Fortney, DDS
Makenzie Fortney, DDS

Undergraduate: Hardin-Simmons University 
Dental School: Meharry Medical College
Personal Interests: Spending time with my husband and dog, working out, eating out, traveling, scuba diving and dancing
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: The comprehensive training both in the clinic and hospital provide the opportunity to become a well-rounded oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The attendings are the most knowledgeable and passionate docs I've ever interacted with and truly care about the residents' well-being. The daily interactions between the residents and attendings make for an encouraging environment that is conducive to learning and growth. Last, but not least, the residents are hardworking, fun to be around and truly care about one another. The bonus of this program is that it's located in beautiful Phoenix, AZ which offers plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities.

Tyler King, DMD
Tyler King, DMD

Undergraduate: University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Dental School: A.T. Still University Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health
Personal Interests: Baseball, fantasy football, Nebraska Cornhuskers football, mountain hiking and golf
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: From the time I first visited this program for an externship, I felt the resident culture was one that encouraged learning and growth in being a doctor. Now that I am here training as a non-catigorical intern, I have enjoyed exposure to operating room cases involving maxillofacial trauma, TMJ pathology, infections, benign pathology, as well as improvement in hand skills completing bedside procedures in the trauma and emergency departments. Outside of residency, the Phoenix area has a lot to experience, including great restaurants, golf courses and mountain hiking. I’m also looking forward to the upcoming baseball Spring Training season.


Brief Bio

Taylor Duckworth, DDS
Taylor Duckworth, DDS

Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Dental School: University of Maryland School of Dentistry
Personal Interests: Spending time with my wife, kids and the Thinh man, travelling, snow skiing, water skiing, camping, classic rock and motown music, football, sports, movies, revolutionary war history and food
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: I chose Arizona for many reasons, but at the top of the list was the well-rounded experience and unique culture created by the attendings and the residents. Everyone, including those in the hospital, are happy to come to work every day and have a solid vision for what health care can become. UA becomes the feeder to many great Banner hospitals in the area extending our geographic influence. Also, Phoenix lays the groundwork for a broad exposure to the scope of oral surgery with a diverse and urban population that provides plenty of experience in trauma, TMJ surgery, dentoalveolar surgery, implantology, anesthesia and craniofacial work. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy 70 degree weather in January? With the facilities we work at and the people we interact with, it is all here to become one of the greatest programs in the country.

Kuna Patel, DMD
Kunal Patel, DMD

Undergraduate: University of Pittsburgh
Dental School: University of Nevada Las Vegas
Personal Interests: Cooking, camping/hiking, traveling, music, comedy and being a foodie
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: Comprehensive training and resident culture are why I chose this program. Here, we see a large volume and wide variety of oral and maxillofacial surgery and take trauma calls 365 days a year. We have a great relationship with the hospital faculty and staff, who are very welcoming and supportive to their residents. The residents are all great to work with and are very driven to succeed together providing an excellent learning experience!


Brief Bio

Thinh Nguyen
Thinh Nguyen, DMD

Undergraduate: The University of Texas at Arlington
Dental School: Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine – Illinois
Personal Interests: Music, graphic design, tennis, working out, film, photography, concerts, arts, comedy, traveling, food, philanthropy
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: The program has a very inspiring resident culture, and the training is phenomenal, with well-rounded exposures to complex trauma, facial reconstructions, TMJ, dentoalveolar and other surgical services, providing the best care to patients. To top it off, Arizona has one of the best xeriscaping scenaries to drive along with music on or snap a photo under such mesmerizing sunset.

Adam Bellack, DMD
Adam Bellack, DMD

Undergraduate: Binghamton University
Dental School: Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine
Personal Interests: In my spare time, I like to be outside. You can find me snowboarding, bird hunting with my dog, fishing, golfing, camping or at the gym.
Why Arizona and UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix: This program offers a very comprehensive experience that can be rivaled by few. Without any nearby hospital oral and maxillofacial surgery service to compete, a huge variety of trauma, pathology and infection are treated here at UA. Arizona was also a welcome change from the NYC hustle.