We are a new training program, developed by a core group of passionate faculty with strong academic backgrounds and extensive teaching experience, who were chosen with the specific intent to create new models for clinical care and education. Our faculty members at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenixthe Phoenix VA Health Care System and Phoenix Children’s Hospital  are highly skilled, nationally recognized and provide a wide range of education that specializes in interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology with advanced training experiences and opportunities for Arterial Anatomy Simulations.

Our Mission

The mission of the Integrated Interventional Radiology/Diagnostic Radiology Residency at University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix/Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is to train doctors to function at the very highest level in the fields of radiology and interventional radiology with a focus on developing moral and ethical competence to promote successful collaboration with services they will support in the new and rapidly changing era of image-guided interventions.

The aim of the program is to foster the professional growth of residents to become valuable team members within the hospital and beyond. Development of technically skilled, experienced, compassionate, professional radiologists who are able to collaborate and communicate effectively with other services to provide the highest quality of care will be the focus.

This will help to translate advances in radiology and interventional radiology into real quality outcomes for Arizona's diverse communities. To achieve this, our program is committed to support the professional development of residents' personal and professional goals with a emphasis on collaboration and life-long learning. Graduates will be leaders in the field and will be competent and compassionate educators and researchers to provide an example to be modeled by the community and by physicians of all specialties.