Safety and security of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost importance on our campus. We take pride in balancing convenience and ease of use with security measures and policies. We partner with the University of Arizona Police Department, along with the Phoenix Police Department, who act as our first responders. We utilize private Security Officers to provide a constant security presence on campus.

Our orientation program includes site safety and security training for staff and students. We review emergency evacuation plans, security policies and other information pertinent to having a safe campus environment. We also provide an Emergency Management and Incident Response Procedures Handbook (PDF) for a detailed look at what to do in case of an emergency.

There is a UArizona Critical Incident Response Team (UACIRT), which provides incident management in the event of a disaster. This team coordinates with local emergency managers from varying jurisdictions, as well as the main campus UACIRT team.

We also have a Campus Safety and Security Committee, which actively reviews safety and security concerns as they arise on campus. This is a multi-disciplinary team with representation from a variety of units. If you have questions or concerns about campus safety or security, please contact us.

To receive text updates on campus closures or other emergency situations, sign-up for UA Alerts.