Prospective students are advised that some hospitals and outpatient clinics require medical students (and residents) to submit to fingerprinting and criminal background checks to receive appropriate clearance before they will be permitted to participate in clinical rotations at those institutions. Students who do not submit to fingerprinting and/or fail to receive appropriate clearance may be unable to fulfill the academic requirements at the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix, and, therefore, are not be able to complete their educational program. Unless otherwise paid for by the hospitals or outpatient clinics, students will be required to bear the expense of such screening. Neither the University of Arizona nor the College of Medicine – Phoenix pays or reimburses for the expenses related to background checking or fingerprint clearance.

Fingerprint Clearance Card

Obtaining the Fingerpint Clearance Card (FCC) issued by the State of Arizona Department of Public Safety is a requirement for matriculation.

Criminal Convictions

A prior felony conviction does not necessarily preclude an applicant from being admitted to the College of Medicine – Phoenix, but professional licensing boards in the state of Arizona and elsewhere may refuse to issue a license if an individual has a felony or other conviction on his or her record. If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, you will be required to disclose the nature of the offense, the court in which the conviction occurred and what disposition occurred as a result of that offense. This disclosure must be made whether or not you served a sentence and/or had your civil rights restored, or whether you have had the conviction(s) expunged from your records. Convictions that were overturned on appeal or that resulted in gubernatorial reprieves or pardons need not be disclosed.