The ANBM nanofabrication facility has a series of equipment for fabrication of nano and microstructures over a wide range of feature sizes, from sub-10 nm to microns. It has the capability of nanoimprinting and nanocontact printing, photolithography and soft lithography, dry and wet etching, bonding, metal deposition etc. Below is a list of our key equipments:

  • PHI and Carver Hot Presses: used for thermal nanoimprinting, thermal bonding and hot embossing of plastic microfluidic channel devices.
  • UV nanoimprintor: capable of 4" gas press UV nanoimprinting.
  • HTG contact mask aligner: for up to 6” photolithography, UV nanoimprinting and nanocontact printing with sub-100 nm alignment capability.
  • Laurell Spin Coater: Spin coating of thin films.
  • Oxford 80+ Reactive Ion Etcher: ion enhanced plasma dry etching.
  • Semicore Electron Beam Evaporator: for physical vapor deposition of metals and dielectric materials.
  • Harrick plasma cleaner: plasma cleaning of surfaces.
  • Solvent and Acid hoods: for solvent/acid/base cleaning, etching and other wet chemical processing.
  • Rudolph AutoEL Ellipsometer: for characterization of thin film properties.
  • Dektak 3030 Surface Profilometer: for characterizing step heights and surface topography;
  • Olympus BH-2 Optical microscope with CCD camera: for lab sample inspection.
  • VWR Vacuum Oven: for thermal processing of materials.
  • Scanning Probe Microscope (LensAFM, Nanosurf).

More information and rates: contact Dr. Frederic Zenhausern.