These Exhibits are Currently on Display

  • Happy World: Whimsical Works by Calvin Shin
    Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 3 ½, Calvin Shin has found ways to creatively express himself through art. Now at 28 years of age, Calvin creates masterful work using the medium of color pencil. We see the beauty and appreciate the everyday world as portrayed through Calvin’s nonjudgmental eyes. 
  • Intimate Gravity by Shah Noor Shafqat
    Intimate Gravity is a research-based group of circular mixed media artworks focused on the histology of eczema and the patterns and textures it creates on the skin. This series of works conveys motherhood stress and frustration, resilience, mental health, and healing through art.
  • Blair Bunting: Journeys, Neurodivergence and Belonging
    Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder as an adult, Bunting is self-introspective, reserving his most intense interests as the subjects of his fine art photography. Bunting’s work has a way of transporting viewers to the place where he clicked the shutter, whether that be a train trestle or the cockpit of a U2 spy plane. In April 2023, he navigated further from earth than any civilian, capturing extraordinary images along the way, which are now on view as part of this exhibit.
  • ARx2 Artist + Researcher
    This exhibit showcases the work of teams of artists and researchers from the Phoenix Bioscience Core.  
    On display from September 14, 2023 – present, located on on the first floor of the Health Science Education Building (HSEB). 
    • Explore more about the exhibit here.
  • Gratitude
    Narrative stories, poems, and artwork created by first year medical and health professional students
    On display from September 10, 2018 – present, located on the sixth floor of Health Science Education Building (HSEB) (tours by appointment only)
    • This exhibit features student work created in appreciation for the opportunity to work with human donors during their Clinical Anatomy course. The work created for this exhibit offered students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences from the lessons of anatomy, and to honor the donors whose choices allowed the students to have those experiences.
  • Dreams in Treehouses
    Paintings by Sarah Spencer
    On display from July 15, 2019 – present, located on the third and fourth floors of the Arizona Biomedical Collaborative – 1 (ABRC1)
    • Sarah Spencer is the creative director and graphic recorder of 26 Letters Graphic Recording Studio based in Phoenix. This collection of paintings represents the dreams of children looking at the world from above. We are all dreamers, and it is important to remember that we haven't lost our childhood visions; we have merely dug and climbed into the hole of work and life tasks. To escape the mundane, we can become creative and look at our world from a different point of view by climbing up to the treehouses of our imagination, where we can once again dream of what's possible.
    • Tours are available by appointment