These Exhibits are Currently on Display

  • Apparitions: Postcards from Eye See You
    Photographs on Canvas by J. Fredric May
    On display from March 6, 2019 – Present, located on the first floor of the Health Science Education Building
    • A highly-regarded photojournalist and filmmaker, J. Fredric May suffered a stroke during open heart surgery in 2012 that left him legally blind and subject to extraordinary visual hallucinations.  May’s digitally manipulated photo-based works on view here explore his liminal regions of vision where light and dark merge in hallucinatory revelations. For May, these works are both explorations of vision and therapeutic interventions that contribute to his own recovery and inspire others. This exhibit is co-sponsored by the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

  • Faces of Hope
    Photographs from the Arizona Women’s Partnership
    On display from February 21, 2020 – Present, located on the third floor of the HSEB
    • The Faces of Hope photography project showcases the many underserved women and children who have been assisted by and benefited from the services provided by grants awarded annually to qualified non-profits by the Arizona Women's Partnership. The Arizona Women's Partnership, Inc., created by Paula Cullison, is an all volunteer philanthropic non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the status of Arizona women and empowering women's grass roots organizations through mini grants and publicity.
  • Have Passport - Will Travel
    Photography by Paula Cullison
    On display from Febraury 21, 2020 – Present, located on the sixth floor of the HSEB
    • The focus of this international travel photography exhibit is to show the interconnectedness of all humanity. Paula’s goal is to encourage students and others to think globally and experience other cultures. Through travel one gains a better understanding of other cultures and the commonality of the human experience.

  • Spiritual Awareness, Unity and Healing
    Paintings by Grace Andrea Haynes, MD
    On display from July 25, 2019 – Present, located on the fifth floor of the HSEB 
    • As a physician who specializes in family medicine, Dr. Haynes aims to integrate traditional medical practices with art and spirituality. Her travels have taken her far and wide, and she uses the knowledge gained to inform her paintings. Human figures, often highly stylized, grace her canvases and depict the spiritual reflection of the human connection. She believes art is the reflection of one’s inner soul. It is the spirit within us that resonates with our past, present and future
  • Gratitude
    Narrative stories, poems, and artwork created by first year medical and health professional students
    On display from September 10, 2018 – Present, located on the sixth floor of HSEB (tours by appointment only)
    • This exhibit features student work created in appreciation for the opportunity to work with human donors during their Clinical Anatomy course. The work created for this exhibit offered students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences from the lessons of anatomy, and to honor the donors whose choices allowed the students to have those experiences.
  • Dreams in Treehouses
    Paintings by Sarah Spencer
    On display from July 15, 2019 – Present, located on the third and fourth floors of the Arizona Biomedical Collaborative – 1 (ABRC1)
    • Sarah Spencer is the creative director and graphic recorder of 26 Letters Graphic Recording Studio based in Phoenix. This collection of paintings represents the dreams of children looking at the world from above. We are all dreamers, and it is important to remember that we haven't lost our childhood visions; we have merely dug and climbed into the hole of work and life tasks. To escape the mundane, we can become creative and look at our world from a different point of view by climbing up to the treehouses of our imagination, where we can once again dream of what's possible.
    • Tours are available by appointment.