These Exhibits are Currently on Display

  • Ashes to Ashes
    Drawings by Julie Comnick
    On display from September 28, 2019 – Present, located on the first floor of the Health Sciences Education Building (HSEB)
    • Julie Comnick’s paintings and drawings engage the pictorial languages of representation and narration to pose questions about social circumstances and practices. Her exhibit Ashes to Ashes is a series of drawings depicting recent Arizona wildfires, rendered with charcoal samples personally collected from each fire site. The collection represents 14 significant wildfires from 1990 to the present. The objective of these drawings is to reverse the public perception as viewers gain a renewed appreciation for the necessity of wildfire toward sustaining the longevity of our shared landscape.
  • Spiritual Awareness, Unity and Healing
    Paintings by Grace Andrea Haynes, MD
    On display from July 25, 2019 – Present, located on the fifth floor of the HSEB 
    • As a physician who specializes in family medicine, Dr. Haynes aims to integrate traditional medical practices with art and spirituality. Her travels have taken her far and wide, and she uses the knowledge gained to inform her paintings. Human figures, often highly stylized, grace her canvases and depict the spiritual reflection of the human connection. She believes art is the reflection of one’s inner soul. It is the spirit within us that resonates with our past, present and future
  • I Have a Name
    Photographs by Jon Linton
    On display from October 4, 2018 – Present, located on the second floor of the HSEB
    • This exhibit is focused on a homeless campaign, whose enduring mission endeavors to create greater understanding and compassion for the nearly 3.5 million Americans who call the street home, and features imagery that documents the homeless. It is the sincere hope of this exhibition to provide the viewer an opportunity for pause and to change the way we see or perhaps more importantly do not see the homeless.
  • Gratitude
    Narrative stories, poems, and artwork created by first year medical and health professional students
    On display from September 10, 2018 – Present, located on the sixth floor of HSEB (tours by appointment only)
    • This exhibit features student work created in appreciation for the opportunity to work with human donors during their Clinical Anatomy course. The work created for this exhibit offered students the opportunity to reflect on their experiences from the lessons of anatomy, and to honor the donors whose choices allowed the students to have those experiences.
  • From House Calls to Hospitals
    Graphic panels from the Tempe History Museum
    On display from May 9, 2017 – Present, located on the fourth floor of the HSEB
    • From House Calls to Hospitals is the story of medicine in Tempe from territorial times until the first hospital in 1944. The exhibit shows how local residents recruited their first trained physician Dr. John L. Gregg, who would be proceeded by many talented physicians, including Tempe’s first mayor Dr. Fenn J. Hart. Through the exhibit, discover how Tempe doctors went beyond health care to make significant contributions to their community and to Arizona.
  • Dreams in Treehouses
    Paintings by Sarah Spencer
    On display from July 15, 2019 – Present, located on the third and fourth floors of the Arizona Biomedical Collaborative – 1 (ABRC1)
    • Sarah Spencer is the creative director and graphic recorder of 26 Letters Graphic Recording Studio based in Phoenix. This collection of paintings represents the dreams of children looking at the world from above. We are all dreamers, and it is important to remember that we haven't lost our childhood visions; we have merely dug and climbed into the hole of work and life tasks. To escape the mundane, we can become creative and look at our world from a different point of view by climbing up to the treehouses of our imagination, where we can once again dream of what's possible.
    • Tours are available by appointment.