Deciding on Logo File Formats

Logos for the College are created in a couple of file formats, so you can create anything from a print ad to a t-shirt to a banner. The titles of the folders you'll receive and the descriptions of when to use each file format are below.

Print Files (CMYK): For professional print work and layout programs. When in doubt, provide all of these to your vendor, and they will know the best file format to use.

  • EPS [Full-color and Reverse] — Primary, Promotional and Vertical — for most professional prints and embroidery.

Digital Files (RGB, low-resolution): For Word documents, in PowerPoint presentations, email, email campaigns, Web pages, etc. Not for high-quality prints.

  • PNG [Full-color, transparent background] — Primary, Promotional and Vertical — Use on the web, Microsoft Office products and email communications.

What's the Difference? – CMYK vs. RGB

There are two different color models. CMYK is subtractive, like paint or pigment where you start with nothing (white paper) and as you add more colors, it eventually turns black. CMYK represents the standard colored inks that printers use to create colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. RGB is additive, the way light creates colors. This is how our monitors and smart phones display color.