Long Shot of the Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building

The Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics: Propelling Proof and Practice in Populations Symposium (PDF) was held in January of 2019. It brought together national and international leaders in genetics, health care professionals and community members to discuss the current state of precision medicine in Arizona, the opportunities for the future, as well as the concerns to be addressed with the collection, utilization and storage of precision medicine data.

Keynote speakers provided real-world examples of the integration of genetics into clinical care. Accomplishments of the All of Us program and the Division of Clinical Data Analytics and Decision Support were highlighted, and a panel discussion was held covering the opportunities and challenges of pharmacogenomics in clinical care.

The afternoon was comprised of breakout sessions around specific topics and a testing session that gave attendees an opportunity to review their own pharmacogenomic results. The sessions left attendees energized with ideas around the implementation of precision medicine in Arizona. Future collaborations and symposiums will continue to build upon this momentum.

For more information, please contact Deserae Clarke, director of Clinical Decision Support and Pharmacogenetics.

*Presentations from the 2019 Symposium

*To request captions for these presentations as a disability-related accommodation, please contact us at phoenixmed@email.arizona.edu.


Funding for the symposium was provided by a grant from the Arizona Biomedical Research Centre.